XML and Student Reports

My wife is a kindergarten teacher and in Australia, Christmas is the end of our school year and the start our summer break.  However this is also when student reports are due.   The School at which she works is a pretty expensive private school with what appears no lack of IT funding, however for some reason the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes are the only 2 classes not on the Schools Reporting system, Maze. 

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Forums Upgraded

Well I’m back from my short break away and arrived home to my inbox filled up with forum activation emails which I’ve identified a large sample as spam bots related. So to kickstart the forums off again I’ve upgraded to the latest version of phpBB3 which has much better features especially in the user management and (anti)spam areas.   All users and posts have successfully been migrated, however that if anyone had registered and NOT received their activation email prior to the upgrade then please re-register, or contact me.

Southwest Robotics Group

A friend of mine, Paul and I have been talking for sometime on setting up a robotics club here in the Southwest of Western Australia, anyway nothing has ever eventuated until now.  So to get the ball rolling I put a call up for expression of interest in starting a club on one of our local community portals, anyway I’ve had a good response from the local media.  I’ve done a couple of interviews with the local newspapers and one with with the local radio station this weekend.  Hopefully these will generate a bit of interest.

I’ve started a mailing list to help kick things off (found here).