Rallylog (post) Update #1 – Adding a wrist strap to the SparkFun Case

As I mentioned in my last post that just before I lost my mojo I ended up completing my build of 10 Rallylogs and testing at a live event.

As these were handheld devices I decided to add a wrist strap to stop things from getting dropped and damaged at the checkpoints, especially as it can get busy as the bikes pass through a checkpoint.

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Putting the Project into an Enclosure; Part 2 Machining the Case

In my previous post I described the design process I went through in selecting the right components from my Rallylog that would fit into the Sparkfun Project Case, all while mounted on a PCB. What follows is the process of getting the actual case machined with my Zenbot CNC machine. Continue reading “Putting the Project into an Enclosure; Part 2 Machining the Case”

Putting the Project into an Enclosure – Part 1

For the open Hardware Rallylog device I’ve been working on, I’d based my design around fitting into the handy Sparkfun Project Case and since most of my projects never get to the “enclosure” stage, they are either used bare PCB or thrown into anything that may provide some protection against the elements, such as the widget sensor housing.
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New #WidgetBoard boot loaders available for download

New boot loaders for the WidgetBoards have been uploaded to both SVN and to the downloads area.  The fuse settings have also been updated in the documentation.

I’ve also integrated the Atmega328P version of the WidgetBoard into the Arduino development environment so please update your boards.txt with the one from SVN.

#WidgetMesh Gateway continued…

I’ve had some mixed success with the serial port hack on the Airlive device since my previous post.

After setting up the uclib development environment I have now successfully compiled avrdude so I can program the RFM12WidgetBoard located inside the device, however I had a couple of issues when trying to talk to the WidgetBoard.
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WidgetMesh Coordinator/Gateway Device

The WidgetMesh network development for the Widgets is now underway, the last couple of days I’ve been learning how everything fits together in Contiki OS, as far as drivers go and how they communicate with the upper stacks, lots of looking through existing code. I now have a reasonable idea of how things should work and how I need to write my driver.
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