New #WidgetBoard boot loaders available for download

New boot loaders for the WidgetBoards have been uploaded to both SVN and to the downloads area.  The fuse settings have also been updated in the documentation.

I’ve also integrated the Atmega328P version of the WidgetBoard into the Arduino development environment so please update your boards.txt with the one from SVN.

Update;Yes I’m still here!

I’m still alive…… Its been awhile between blog entries, unfortunately this is the busiest time of the year for me at work, the few months after the Australian financial year, projects are kicking off due to funding etc. There is however light at the end of the tunnel and I’m hoping to get back to geeking very soon 😀
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Solar Powered Widget

 Solar Powered Widget board

One of the tasks I want to use the widget boards for is a Wireless Sensor Network around the house for measuring environmental values. The sensors that I want to live outdoors will need to be self sufficient in terms of power, so I wanted to see if I could charge the batteries via solar, of course this can be done, but again I want to do it as cheaply and as simply as possible, I also want the widget board to monitor the solar voltage and report it back.

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