Blog new name

As “Everything Robotics” just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore (I can just here the comments as people stumble across the site “hmm not much robotics happening here”). 

The blog now has a new name “Strobotics” (Stro-botics) which seems to reflect the content a little better don’t you think?

A new domain is now active, but the site is still pointing to the old domain for the time being.  I will eventually move everything over to the new domain,  I will however keep all domains pointing to this site indefinitely.


This blog is a collection of my projects and things I’m doing at the time.

Unfortunately due to a busy life (like most out there) the blog may see some in-action for periods of time, however don’t despair, as I get around to updating things eventually and the blog posts go through a burst of activity.

My Interests (in no order what so ever): Embedded Development, Photography, Wireless Sensor Networking, Home Control, CNC, Forex, Automated Trading, Quant Trading.


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