Strobit Triggr Prototype Finished

After a hectic and very hot Christmas (41DegC) I managed to get some development time and finished 2 prototype boards.  My RFM12 header boards still have not arrived, caught up in the christmas mail I guess 🙁  So I’ve had to resort to hand soldering some wires to the header in the meantime. (Murphys law suggests that as soon as I finish soldering these headers the breakout boards will arrive in the mail)

Tomorrow/Later tonight I will test both of them and see if I can get a remote trigger happening woohoo.

Sorry about the quality of the photos as they were taken with my phone 🙁

Strobit Triggr PrototypeRFM12 HeaderRFM12 Header SolderedRFM Development

Repartition Blues

Unfortunately development has ground to a halt for me. 

Whilst repartitioning my laptop to give my system drive some more space (I REALLY dislike the default DELL partitioning of 20GB for c: and the rest for d:), I lost my development drive (and the rest of my data drive as well) with all my recent work on it, like the latest pcb I finished yesterday.  Luckily I have most of it backed up, however murphys law now comes into play and some of it was not. 

To cut a long store short I’ve had to resort to lowlevel recovery of my files, which at this point looks like I’ll recover 100% of my data…phew, but its slow work doing sector level file recovery of a 140GB worth of data!

On a brighter side, just received a shipping notice from batchpcb that my first lot of header boards for the RFM12 has been shipped, I’m hoping that they arrives before Christmas so I can play with them over the break.  My 2×6 2mm headers also arrived earlier this week.