Filament Extruder and Winder

Cheaper filament for my printer

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Over my long service leave in March 2016 I purchased a filastruder and winder to make my own filament of any colour I like 😀

The Filastruder takes about 24hours per Kg of ABS with the 12V supply I have, but will look at replacing with a 19V one. However I’m really happy with the quality of the filament it produces.


Initial Testing

Once I’ve tuned the temperature in for the colour I’m using, I am consistently getting 1.75mm +/- 0.04mm


The winder works by detecting the drop of the extruded filament via the laser and light sensors, which when in automode will control the motor speed.

Once I had it all working I mounted it on a frame I can wheel around house.


First print with ABS


First Print

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