And they multiply…

Today I constructed another 2 boards, very easy to do all done in around 30 minutes. This now brings the total to 3.

Applying the boards with solder paste by hand, manually placing the components, bake them in the toaster oven together. This time I got the LEDs the right way around and the right amount of solder paste on everything, no bridges on the CPU pins and looks like the right amount of fillet on the RFM12B module, very little cleanup work required, it’s amazing how little solder paste is required.

Add another 5 minutes to hand solder on the SMA connectors and program the boot loader on each, voila all done in around 30 minutes.

Now I have a potential “Network” I will start testing the RF side of things. Currently I’m using the 915MHz modules.

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Author: Stephen Eaton

Geek at heart. Loves to tinker and find out how things work, which inevitably leads to items in pieces and not working for much longer :)

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