Intronix LogiPort Logic Analyser

Well my new tool, a LogicPort Logic analyser from, arrived last week whilst in the middle of our house move and I’ve been itching to try it out, well last night I made time to play with it.  The result is, man I wish I had one of these beasts earlier.

I dug out my Strobit prototypes and hooked it up to see how it all works (there are a lot of boxes yet to unpack…sob…did I mention that I hate moving house!).

In short I’m impressed with the easy of use of the software and the ability to decode SPI signals on the fly along with I2C, CAN, RS232,


I had it reading SPI to and from the RFM12B and all the other signals coming from the RFM12B module.



Once I’m unpacked, I’m really looking forward to getting back into the project.

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Author: Stephen Eaton

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