BuzzBot Motor Board Schematics

Today I reversed engineered the control board of the RC Buggy and the results are the schematic attached.  I was only interested in the Motor Drive CCT so thats all that is drawn.   It looks fairly straight forward to hook up the PICAXE to this board, although the main Driver Transistors are TO-92L type packages, so I suspect the duty cycle of the drive will not be continuous as there are no heat sinks etc. 

While I was at it I removed the RF Receiver Daughterboard and the decoder chip (U1 in the schematics), so now the board is all ready to go.

Buzzbot Motor Board (Sorry about quality)

Buzzbot Motorcontroller Schematic 

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Author: Stephen Eaton

Geek at heart. Loves to tinker and find out how things work, which inevitably leads to items in pieces and not working for much longer :)

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