Zenbot Resurrection – Part 2

The Rebuild Begins

Back in April I had 2 months off with some of my long service, it was around this time I wanted to do this project, but as it happened I ended up going to Shenzhen with Hacker Camp 2016 and when I got home I renovated a bathroom, so I didnt start the rebuild, however in anticipation of this I had already started ordering the parts for the project and already had just about everything I needed.

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Zenbot Resurrection – Part 1

Zenbot comes out…of Storage

For the past number of years my Zenbot Mini CNC has been in storage as I don’t really have a place to run it where I’m currently living. It was also cumbersome to use, not size wise, just dusty and noisy when I’ve done work with it in the past. With the ‘Othermill’ getting a fair bit of publicity in the maker arena, this has picqued my interest in CNC again, so I decided to dig out my Zenbot and look at how I can overcome these factors preventing me from using it day to day where I currently live, without too much complaints from those around me.

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Parts…What to do with them?

How I’ve started to organise all my parts

Over the last few years my collection of parts has been rapidly growing, rather uncontrollably (I admit I have maker addiction) much to my girlfriends dismay (she calls me ‘professor’), if you ever see what my front room looks like you’ll understand. Most All of the time it looks like a bomb has hit it, I have parts everywhere! Some opened, some not, some in tubs, all in every form of dis-organisation possible, it would give someone with OCD, well OCD, so I really need to do something about it.

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Blogs Posts

Hmmm as usual the blog hasn’t seem much activity.

Unfortunately its the opposite of what’s actually happening and is more a symptom of me having fun with projects.

Ive been doing a ton of fun projects, Ive just been super lazy when it comes to blogging about these<sigh>….with work taking a large chunk of my time, project time has been too short and I usually flip from one project to another :D…I’m sure you know how it gets.

I’m also finding is that I usually do lengthy posts on formus or post directly to sites like Thingiverse and so doesnt end here where it should be….up on the blog 🙁

So I’m make a note to self to change this!

Please keep an eye out for some past projects in the coming days/week that I’ll repost up on my blog.

Also the Blog is on bad need a a bit of house keeping, so I think I’ll be looking at this including my taxonomy.

In the meantime feel free to browse my thingiverse designs: http://www.thingiverse.com/seaton/designs

RaspberryPi Event – SWMakers Bunbury

We have an up and coming Raspberry Pi event for the the South West Makers, it’s going to be a fairly casual get-together, but will be RPi orientated for those wanting to get their feet wet on the RPi, and also a chance to show off and chat about other projects you have on the go.

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Rallylog (post) Update #1 – Adding a wrist strap to the SparkFun Case

As I mentioned in my last post that just before I lost my mojo I ended up completing my build of 10 Rallylogs and testing at a live event.

As these were handheld devices I decided to add a wrist strap to stop things from getting dropped and damaged at the checkpoints, especially as it can get busy as the bikes pass through a checkpoint.

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